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 Ignorant doctors


Although awareness of the condition is increasing, there are still only a few doctors who are familiar with the condition.
A good doctor will honestly tell you so.

To which doctor?

You suspect you have PGAD. The first appointment with a doctor is then generally your GP. For both you and your doctor, it would be nice if you come well prepared. Give your GP the opportunity to properly interpret your symptoms. Due to knowledge gaps, an incorrect diagnosis is easily made. And no one is helped...

OK, how do I prepare?

I suggest you print this  page out and give it to your doctor a week or so before your appointment. Women who have done this before, were never rejected by doctors and have always been taken seriously. This also gives your doctor an opportunity to work with you and plan next steps.

Who - What - Where?

One day you're suddenly surprised by tingling, an itchy feeling between your legs. First, you have no idea of what's happening to you. Maybe you experience these sensations between your legs initially a welcome gift. But when the gift never stops giving and imposes on you 24/7, yes... then you start to panic.

"What's wrong with me, where does this come from?" You have all kinds of ideas. You can hardly concentrate on other things. Your normal daily routine is severely disrupted. You associate this feeling with sex, it feels exactly the same. You constantly feel like you have to masturbate or have sexual intercourse, but that feeling is only between your legs and not at all in your head! You're not thinking of sex at all! ! Even so, that all-consuming feeling ruthlessly overwhelms your body, and your spirit!

You don't understand and would really like to talk about it. But who do you tell something so bizarre? To your husband, your best friend or a family member? Maybe you consider going to your doctor but are afraid of his/her reaction.

If only it were a gigantic green pimple on your nose, or something like that. Such a thing is visible and everyone will understand that it bothers you. Your doctor would give you a pill or a cream and it would soon be gone. But you don't have a gigantic green pimple and you're ashamed. You hope it goes away by itself, then you would never have to talk about it, that would be ideal. But the symptoms don't go away, and the impact on your daily life gets more severe. You're getting desparate...

Long live the Internet!!

Somehow you ended up on this website. You read that you're not the only one with these mysterious symptoms. You have a physical condition and that condition has a name! Multiple names even...

Restless Genital Syndrome (ReGS)

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome (PSAS)

As the title of this page indicates, this page is dedicated to the many questions you undoubtedly have. You won't find an answer to all your questions here right away. See this page as a kind of first aid...

... Everything is still new for you and getting overwhelmed by information can only be confusing. KEEP CALM and don't read every word on this website in one sitting!

Don't let them tell you otherwise!

Nonsense, UTTER nonsense!!

The condition has absolutely nothing to do with the above.

If a doctor tries to tell you otherwise; get the hell out of there!!


PGAD is NOT in your mind!! It's between YOUR LEGS!

Don't let him tell you otherwise!

Download  articles, print them and take them along to your doctor or specialist.



An ignorant doctor can be potentially dangerous to your physical and emotional health.


 Sleeping pills


These are a few popular medicines which are regularly prescribed in large doses and often in combination...

...Without any basis in knowledge or in need!! Read more



  You did not ask for this

  It has nothing to do with sex

  PGAD is a neuropathy!

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Why is this happening to me!

Women generally have a tendency to put 'the blame' on them themselves. Especially with this condition, that certainly is the case.

Masturbation, exciting toys, games with your husband or boyfriend: sex is still surrounded by a degree of taboo.

Women with PGAD often wonder whether their sexual past could have contributed to the development of their condition. Particularly older women, or women from a religous background, often struggle with this question. They sometimes have the idea that the condition is the effect of their sexual behavior in the past.

That is why feelings of guilt and shame often become symptoms that accompany the disease.

Completely unjustified!!!

Why one person gets PGAD/ReGS and the other doesn't: I don't know, no one knows. There are no indications whatsoever, that PGAD could be an effect from a certain sex life. In fact, many women with ReGS led a relatively chaste life and still developed the condition.

PGAD happened to you, like all other illnesses can happen to anyone.

By letting the 'why me question' go, you can get rid of the other symptoms; the unnecessary and all-consuming symptoms of 'shame and guilt'. And believe me... that's a HUGE relief!

What does this mean for my job?

Depending on what you do for a living, your condition will affect your work and vice versa. Working at a desk is not the most ideal situation for a woman with ReGS. Become a member of one or more (American) support groups and read about how other women are dealing with this.
...  Peer Support

What does this mean for my sex life?

Yeah.... that's a bit complicated. On the one hand, you'd give anything to get rid of that awful feeling. On the other hand, you couldn't care less about sex. Especially in the beginning you are entirely clueless about how to deal with this. ... Read more

Me against misunderstanding!

For an outsider, this disease is difficult to imagine. People often associate the condition with their own sexuality. Especially men have a hard time letting go of that association.

The only thing you can do to defend yourself against that, is to be very cautious in whom you confide in.

As far as misconceptions from doctors go, read under the title Ignorant doctors (in the left column on this page) how you can be successful in that area.

Share with fellow sufferers  Join now!
What is my future prognosis?

Let's be frank: Medically speaking there is (still) no answer to the disease.

There are currently no indications that the disease can be cured. A truly effective treatment has yet to be found. However, there are treatments that can ease the symptoms, in some cases even significantly.

It therefore is important to work with your doctor in order to find adequate treatment that fits you.  Read more

It's also important that you learn to live with the condition. This may seem impossible at first, but it's possible!

Read more on the page  Tips & Tricks

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